DA By Daniel, is pleased to announce a new innovative outlook on the brand is about to take the industry by surprise, that DA will be a huge household name for all ages, ethnicity and gender. DA By Daniel and Team are extremely excited for our audience as they continue to grow, and connect people from all over. Stay up to date by following us!!


The longstanding team at the DA By Daniel Atelier mix architectural designs and tailored artistry, displaying impeccable finishes and distinctive details in all garments. 


From clean lines to elaborate drapes, all it meticulously passed on straight from the designer’s hands to the pattern makers and sewers who, with their close attention to finish and details, will transform a design into head turning statement occasion pieces.


The brand takes pride in its ‘Made in Australia’ stamp and cherishes the rare and refined level of skills that the Atelier workers poses for the DA By Daniel Runway Collection.

ABN 88603 648 675

ACN 603 648 675